Nissan "Bears" Heavy Testing To Ensure Insane Quality

Nissan "Bears" Heavy Testing To Ensure Insane Quality



It’s not a secret that Nissan is almost crazy about bringing their customers a high quality product that lasts. Most people however, have no idea the true depth of the lengths Nissan goes through to bring you a car that truly will stand the test of time. Here are three of them.


What kind of quality tests does Nissan do?


#1: The Brown Bear Test



By dropping weights on the sunroof to try to scientifically simulate a brown bear crawling across the roof in a scientific manner, the folks at Nissan have bear proofed the car and the sunroof from a bear “dropping in” in the most unbearable fashion.


#2: Mariah Carey Durability Test


By blasting the highest of the high notes, an honor Nissan attributes to Mariah Carey for thousands of hours they ensure that your speaker will not meet its end prematurely. Not only does Nissan test the high notes, but it also tests the low notes. German rap is also played to ensure that every range of sound is covered and your Nissan will be a car that retains is quality as it bears the brunt of your sound.


#3: Volcano Ash Resistance

 Volcano erupts 

By Far The Most unusual of tests is the Volcano Ash Test. A test that sprays the car with volcano dust specially imported from the volcanos of Japan to ensure that if you ever get covered in volcanic dust you’ll be able to bear it.



#4: Normal Tests

 Crash Test Dummies 

Nissan doesn’t do the minimum, like that annoyingly perky extra credit student in college. They go above, beyond, over the river and through the woods to get the professor’s coffee along with using that extra high grade paper to turn in their report. Nissan does all the normal tests required too, but Nissan, unlike some of its competitors caters to those who want that extra level of quality to ensure the bearing bear the brunt of your everyday use.




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