The New Ford F-150 Super Duty Had its Metal Frame Switched

The New Ford F-150 Super duty has had its metal frame switched. It lost a ton of weight. Imagine being a few pounds overweight and deciding to go on a diet. The 2017 F-150 Super Duty is like the muscular version of its former self.  Unlike a human, it doesn’t go to the gym. With a frame that is 24 times stiffer, this metal muscle is impressive. What’s more impressive is that it’s now 350 pounds lighter than the last year’s model.  Stats like towing capacity, payload and fuel economy are not out yet, but, rumor has it that this model is going to blow the previous year’s completely out of the water.


Most people already know that the f-150 super duty historically has towed 19000 pounds, in a towing battle with its Nissan counterpart the Nissan Titan’s 12,000 pounds blows its competition out of the water. In a towing battle, it could tow the other truck in whichever direction the f-150 driver chooses. That’s likely with a full grown black bear riding n the back of the truck too!


If Ford is saying that this is some next level truck stuff, then that means this is some next level truck stuff. They already lead the market, at this point, for the other companies, it’s just embarrassing.



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