6 Tips For Having An Amazingly Clean Car

5 Tips For Having An Amazingly Clean Car

There are clean cars and there are dirty cars. People with clean cars tend to do the following


1. They don't eat in their car!

A major cause of gross car stuff is food in their car. One hard turn can turn your ice cream into a future mold hazard and a pain in the butt to clean!

2. They Set Rules With Guests

If there is one thing that can turn a clean car dirty, it's a noisy and frequent friend dropping gum here and a soda bottle there. Not only is it gross to have to peel someone else's gum off of your dashboard, but it's also incredibly rude. Set rules with your guests and try to make sure they understand that a car without mold is a good one!

3. Have a Regular Cleaning Schedule 

Cars get dirty, cleaning the car for an hour every Tuesday can turn a gross car that no one wants to drive in, into a nice well kept car.

4. Vacuum

The deep clean that a vacuum provides can really be the difference between an OK car and a really clean car!

5. Have People Wipe Their Feet

If people clean the mud off their shoes before you enter, it's one less thing that you'll have the vacuum later on!

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