Test Drive a Sweet Car Father’s Day

Test Drive a Sweet Car Father’s Day 

 Here are 5 Good reasons why you should take Dad to test drive a car!

#1: Children cost on average $304,480 to raise according to Google.

According to the internet the cost to raise a child from newborn to 18 is $304,480. That’s more than the price of a new Lamborghini. Your Dad literally gave up a Lamborghini and a half to raise you.


#2: A 2015 Hell Cat is a little more than $60,000

Driving a new 2015 Hellcat with Dad would be a great way to spend father’s day. Why not try out a beastly ride and if you can afford it, help him put some money down. If you’re broke, you could help talk your mom down from the rage that leasing one of these beauties might cost.


#3: Your Dad had tons of sleepless nights where he and your mother likely took turns caring for you


Your Dad deserves the very best, if you can’t afford to help him with a sports car, you could totally help him into a new Accord. Some of these cars have amazingly cool features, like blue tooth smart phone connect. That’s a feature that allows you to turn your entire car into a giant phone!


#4: Did you know your old man could lease the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for around $300 dollars a month?

Obviously it varies by region, but the jeep wrangler unlimited is within the grasp of an average person and it is a very fun car to drive! While it’s not the most fuel efficient it will make every ride an adventure! Try this sweet new SUV with your Dad this fathers day weekend!


#5: Unlike a New Sweater or Socks, Chances are a New Car Is Something Your Dad Can’t Wait to Slip Into


Reward your Dad for his years of self-less teaching. Help him get into a new car today!



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