4 Vehicles For Those Who Love Wind In Their Face And Adventure from Victory Pre-owned of Dunlap

4 Vehicles For Those Who Love Wind In Their Face And Adventure

#1 The Motor Cycle:

  •  It goes fast.
  • People claim that these are fun.
  • It's like riding a bike.... at 80 MPH.
  • You look cool as you drive!
  • You feel free.
  • Wind in your face and a feeling of adventure will permeate throughout your travels!
  • Safety issues.
  • The lighter bikes can be stolen.
  • Rain and thunderstorms make bikers come to respect roofs.
  • Wind can topple you over.

#2: The Jeep Wrangler

  • Safer than a motor cycle.
  • You can see over most other cars.
  • Wind in your face and adventure.
  • A feeling of freedom.
  • You can literally drain out the mud that you get in your car.
  • Star gazing has never been easier on a warm summer night!
  • Bad gas mileage.
  • When it rains, you'll gain a whole new respect for roofs.
  • Sometimes people fall out when you take the doors off.
  • The inside can be vandalized when there are not walls to protect it.
  • Rolling is even more dangerous than normal if you do not have a roll cage.

#3: Convertibles

  • They look cool.
  • It's fun to watch them put the roof away
  • They imply that you have money.
  • You can have the wind in your face when it's sunny and a roof over you when it rains
  • They are expensive!
  • If you get a single scratch you can kiss a lot of money goodbye for the repaint job.
  • People might try to carjack you if you're in a bad area with a sweet car

#4 A Couch car!

Couch car!   

Is it real yes! Is it safe... not really!

  • Drive in movie theaters are a blast!
  • You can feel at home anywhere
  • It's great for napping!
  • You'll get a ton of attention
  • A few nutty engineers make them.
  • Major car companies do not currently make them.
  • You're likely to get pulled over a lot and have to show that it's a real car and that the car is licensed and registered.
  • Crashing would not be fun without air bags.
  • The couches materials might not hold up against rain very well.

We hope you enjoyed our list!

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