18 Hilarious Hacked Road Signs

18 Hilarious Hacked Road Signs

Do you enjoy a bit of road side humor? These fun loving hackers sure do. Check out these 18 funny hacked road signs!

1. The British Are Coming

The British are coming

In a restatement of Paul Rever’s most revered words this trouble maker had a couple laughs.

2. Beware, Zombies Ahead!

Officer, I had to run the red light. Didn’t you see the sign?

3. Panda Attack!

You have to be careful when Panda are running loose.

4. Middle School Humor

 Move along, nothing to see here…

5. Slowdown

 Did you notice all the brake lights as people slow down to get a better glimpse?

6. That Guy


Not the thing most people want to read on their way to work.

7. Gorilla

What if this was actually real?

8. Drunk Driving Advocacy

You read the sign right.

9. The End Is Near!!!


Is it an apocalyptic heralding road sign announcement or is this a where the sidewalk ends reference.

10. What Would You Do If You Read This?

 What a concerned and upstanding Samaritan hacker.

11. Cold Raptors


Welcome to Jurassic Park… artic edition!

12. Honking Prank

One has to wonder how many honks there were.

13. Health Tips from a Road Sign


I can always start tomorrow.

14. The Best Way To Scare People With A Limited Vocabulary


Just kidding, people with a large vocabulary are scared even more by this.

15. Someone Played A SNES!

Not again!

16. The Forecast Of The Day Is!


We totally agree.

17. Spoiler Alert


Don’t you hate when someone ruins a movie.

18. Godzilla

Apparently, this wasn’t taken in Tokyo.

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