Honda FCV and the Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Honda FCV and the Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cells


Every second of the day, the United States spends $3,333 on buying foreign oil. By the time you have read to this line we have probably spent over $10,000 on foreign oil. That era is coming to an end! Introducing the Honda FCV-the soon to be released fully hydrogen powered car from Honda! Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota have plans to release Hydrogen cars in the future and every car company has dabbled in the hydrogen car realm at some point.


Hydrogen Honda FCV

What is so cool about these cars?


The fuel can be entirely produced in the USA. The United States has one of the world’s largest natural gas reserves. Through a process called, “fracking,” people in the United States have managed to access more natural gas than ever before. Hydrogen cars fill up faster than normal cars. Hydrogen cars also have the ability to be totally green if the Hydrogen is prepared the correct way. According to the car companies, Toyota and Hyundai plan to give away free hydrogen for 3 years following the release of hydrogen vehicles.

Your Yard Could Be a Gold Mine

People who have a hydrogen pocket nearby where they live could become rich overnight for selling their land to a hydrogen harvesting company just like when farmers hit an oil spring on their land in the 1930s. People across the USA could be sitting on a wealth of natural gas.


Hydrogen fuel harvest map

The Hydrogen Powered Honda FCV

 Each of the major car companies has experimented with making a hydrogen car at some point, the Honda fully hydrogen car comes out next year. Hydrogen cars are not the most efficient way to reduce greenhouse gases save money.  When you buy U.S. made Hydrogen instead of funding oil export dependent countries like Russia, or Isis controlled Iraq and Syria, you will keep the money we spend on fuel enriching our own communities.


Enrich Our Communities

If you are in the market for a new job, fracking for methane gas for these cars might be the way to go. According to, someone right out of high school can make $28 an hour as a lease hand. That is just the bottom of the totem pole; drillers make $46.80 an hour plus they also make money per day worked, usually something around $50 per man per day. This tends to have an effect on the communities the workers are in. When workers earn amazing money like described above they have extra money, they spend it on cars, bowling, travel, hotels, and new stuff for their house .etc. This tends to make the communities that surround fracking sites much more wealthy as the money trickles across the community. When those workers go to buy things, like new cars, groceries, vacations, the local businesses reap the profits enabling them to grow and employ more people. Each and every time you buy Hydrogen for your car you’ll be strengthening the US economy.


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