The New Honda Digital Design Process

The New Honda Digital Design Process


Just close your eyes and imagine a car that you cannot see, feel touch or sit in. That is the challenge Honda engineers face today. Making a car entirely on the computer with no actual real world model. It saves money across the board.  Just because it is not tangible does not mean it’s not a real design. Cars with imaginary parts made real at production time like the new Honda Pilot have won prestigious awards like the IIHS Top Safety pick.


The 2016 Honda Pilot won the IIHS top Safety pick and Honda expects to win 11 more awards as well for some of its other models. Not only that, they made this car in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the cost. How did Honda accomplish this? They used virtual parts and models to design computer based cars. These cars are tested against real world physics simulated in the computer and finally the completed prototype is created in the real world.


Honda says, “"We had to evaluate the supply base and assign our resources to go help educate them to be able to develop without physical parts." They said, “This is the new corporate direction.”


While the Honda suppliers try to catch up to virtual car design, and people who have spent their entire lives designing physical cars find it hard to make the leap. Jumping this gap will severely reduce the cost of vehicle production from this point forward.


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