Gas Prices are Going Down in Dunlap, TN

Gas Prices are Going Down in Dunlap, TN

Dunlap Tennessee Gas Prices 


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Gas prices have hit a 6 year low and continue to drop. Experts estimate that this trend will continue all summer long. Not only is the price of gas low in Dunlap, TN, but it’s also going down across the United States.  According to there are gas prices as low as $1.91 in parts of America. Across the map it’s expected to drop even lower.


Dunlap, TN is averaging gas prices around the $2 dollar range and is experiencing some of the least expensive gas anywhere. While just a year ago, driving a bigger and clunker vehicle, would have been inconceivable on any sort of limited budget. It’s now possible to drive one.


Now days, you can drive a hundred miles for a few bucks. This is a great time for a road trip. There are many amazing places to go and most of the middle and southern United States have amazing gas prices. What’s even better is that larger and less fuel efficient vehicles are once again able to be driven without completely breaking your bank.


A few places around Tennessee that you may want to visit include:


·         The Memphis Zoo – Memphis, TN

·         Pickett State Park - Jamestown, TN

·         Cumberland Caves - McMinnville, TN

·         Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge  -  Ripley, TN


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